• Destination : Theodorou Island and Glaronissi Island

  • Boat type : Powerboat SeaStar

  • Location : Platanias & Chania

  • Departure from: Platanias harbour


Looking for something a little more private for your family, business partner, or friends and get away from the crowds?

Enjoy the luxury of our brand new boat and the professionalism of our crew for a trip that you will remember as the highlight of your holidays.

You can choose one or two hours trip private,

in which the island of Theodorou will amaze you by its history, biodiversity and underwater wild life.

Theodorou Island is a protected area, part of the program Natura 2000, due to the diversity and rarity of plants and animals,

a unique minority only found in this small part of the world and its Historical remains.

Tour program 

Starting from platanias Harbor, the SeaStar will do the complete tour of Theodorou Island.

Along the way, we will stop at various points to take photos.

The first photo stop will give you the possibility to get professional shots of the gigantic cave seen bfrom the coast.

At the same time, you will see in various angles the Venetian castle built in 1574 above the cave.


Our team will tell you the history of the castles and even reveal to you the secretsof their walls. 

Then, along the coast, we will cruise slowly to capture seabirds nesting on the impressive cliffs.

When we reach the north side of Theodorou, you will discover a small island called Glaronissi,

Seagull Island, separated by a narrow channel from Theodorou Island.

 The size o the SeaStar boat allows us to enter the channel for close-up photo shots of the birds if the weather is good!

Across the channel, we will enter the wildest part of the island, the so-called “Black wall”.

A black rock cliff plummeting into the sea, reaching a depth of 30 meters.

This is the area that the famous indigenous Cretan goat, the “kri-kri” can be seen.

                                         The crew will help you to spot them on the cliffs to get a good shot and wil also tell you about their mysterious origins.


When we reach the east side of the island,

the SeaStar will stop to the “Rock Pile” a fantastic spot for marine species,

where you will be able ti swim and snorkel

along-side fish, starfish, shells and octopus



Our professional team will accompany you on this underwater journey,

in order to help you to discover the realm of Poseidon. Underwater photography,

during snorkeling, is now preferred for those who wish their personal photo shooting.

The last stop of the trip is above the wreck of the German aircraft «Junker 52» of the World War II.


Snorkeling is our passion and we wish to share it easily and safely with you.

We provide the best underwater gear (mask ,snorkel and fins)

for maximum fun and safety.

Tell us what you want and the SeaStar Team will make your dream boat trip come true! 

Enjoy the full control of the itinerary,

where you can choose where to stop for photography or snorkeling,

a tour of the bay, or anything else you would like.
The best way to insure you a memorable trip is to talk with us about your wishes and needs. 

Together, we will experience the perfect trip!
Enjoy your trip! 



  • 1 ½ hour private tour ….  1-4 person 120 euro      or        5-8 person 140 euro (per boat, not per person)  
  • 2 hours private tour …...  1-4 person 140 euro       or       5-8 person 180 euro ( per boat, not per person) 
  • 2 ½   hour private tour  …1-4 person  180 euro       or      5-8 person 220 euro (per boat, not per person)
  • 3 hours private tour ……  1-4 person 220 euro       or      5-8 person  260 euro ( per boat, not per person) 

    Maximum 8 passengers on board

Include in the price
⦁    skipper
⦁    professional snorkelling equipment (  masks, fins, snorkels)
⦁    fuel
⦁    vat and insurance

Extra option
⦁    underwater photography and video



Booking Conditions 
Once you decide for your favorite tour and the date of your convenience, please complete the booking form and send it to us. We will then check the availability and provide you with a booking confirmation including all necessary information and details.
Your booking does not require a prepayment. Since all our boat activities are weather dependent we prefer full payment upon embarkation on our Boat.
A few days before the cruise you will receive a further email and we will ask you to confirm again your attendance. 
All our Rib Tours start and end at the Platanias harbor of Chania. A map with the exact location will be provided with the booking confirmation.
Should you have more questions or require any information, please email us at tours@seastarchania.gr. We will be glad to respond as soon as possible.